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Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.
~ Plato

Welcome to the Best Music Wiki!

Welcome to the sister wiki of LambdaLegend's Horrible Music & Songs Wiki, the Best Music and Songs Wiki, where we list songs and albums that are great, good music moments and well-received musicians and bands. Currently on the wiki, there are 3,839 articles, 8,639 files and 113,035 edits so far. Enjoy your time! See more of our statistics here.

The wiki's wordmark (logo) and background image were made by JoePlay, kudos to him.

Rules and Guidelines

Read the wiki rules on how to not get banned.

First of all, remember to read all of the rules before editing for the first time.

  1. There are 3 important headings to use with each article: The Lyrics, Why It Rocks and Why His/Her/Their Songs Rock (no pun intended). Lyrics and Why It Rocks are reserved for songs and Why His/Her/Their Songs Rock is reserved for musicians and bands. Also, Lyrics doesn't apply for articles about albums, mixtapes, and EPs.
  2. For the title of each article about a song, simply write the song's name. If the songs name is already taken, write the artist who made it after the songs name. Example: Hello (Adele song).
  3. Vandalizing other articles in this wiki can result in a permanent ban.
  4. Mark short articles that can be expanded with more information by any user as a "Stub". To mark an article as a "Stub" add the code {{Stub}} to the end of any article.
  5. Be as formal as possible when editing a page; for example, don't Type Like This when editing a page and articles should be written in third-person (no "I" "me" "we" or "you").
  6. Do not create a page about a song or album that hasn't been released yet. No exceptions.
  7. Removing information or messing with the articles without giving a good reason is considered vandalism and can result in a permanent ban.
  8. Rude behaviour is not allowed. If you are rude towards a user, expect a permanent ban.
  9. No spam. Also, no advertising, but you can casually mention something you want to spread the word about (i.e. Messages between friends, a quick blurb on your profile, etc.)
  10. Please refrain from swearing in the articles. Swearing in the comment section, however, is allowed as long as it's not used to offend other users.
  11. Reasons for deleted comments are: harassing with other users, pornography or if the comment makes no sense.
  12. Non-admin users should not give out warnings.
  13. No harassment or bullying, or making fun of disorders such as autism.
  14. All pages should be made in English, and because this is an English-language wiki. However, if a song is in another language, translating the lyrics isn't necessary.
  15. Commercial jingles should not be included on this wiki. Theme song pages should also not be created, as it is not really considered a song, and more of just an intro jingle.
  16. If a song has multiple artists, the title should be something like "Song" by Artist and Artist, not something like "Song" by Artist featuring/ft./feat. Artist.
  17. Just Dance routines are not good/bad qualities.
  18. Being overplayed or overrated should not be put as a bad quality, unless if the song was oversaturated or presented in a way that caused a lot of controversy
  19. Breaking any of the aforementioned rules will result in ONE warning. If you persevere you will be blocked for a period of time. The duration of the block will depend on the gravity of your misbehaviour unless already specified in the rule.
  20. Please do not spam the Wikia with Steven Universe or any cartoon songs unless the song is truly well-received.
  21. Songs made by YouTubers should not be included on this wiki unless it is a viral hit such as "Revenge", "Asian Jake Paul", or "Congratulations", OR if it's officially released as a single (meaning it MUST have a single artwork).
  22. Do not undo edits from a bureaucrat, admin, or moderator.
  23. Do not bring drama, self controversies, religion, or politics into this wikia. We do not care who's fault it is or where you stand politically or religiously. Any comments or comments wars that involve these topics will be swiftly deleted.


and many more!


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