All images used on the Best Wiki must be named in a way that explains or describes the picture.

For example, if the picture is of Eminem, rename it to be Eminem.png. If that's taken, you can change the file format to a .jpg, or rename it to EminemMathers.png, MarshallEminem.png, or something similar, as long as it's relevant.

This is to keep the wiki organized, as well as to avoid image duplicates, help with the creation of galleries, and making image searching significantly easier.

The action is very simple to do. When you go to upload an image, view the picture to name it properly:

Additionally, please do not upload duplicates of the same image. This wastes space and clutters the Best Music Wiki. If you have a higher quality version of an image, click on it to head to its image page and click "upload a new version of this file." This will keep the image title the same and replace all existing versions with your new image.

Refrain from uploading sexually explicit/pornographic images on the site. In case they are deemed too inappropriate, they will be deleted.

If a picture on the wiki does not follow these rules, they will be deleted. You will also receive a warning the first time it is noticed by an admin, and if it happens after that you will receive a 1 day ban from the wiki. Another day will be added if the rule proceeds to be broken each time after.

Creating a Page

Please do not just add a small sentence that says something about listening to someone's music or just pasting their URL. The minimum requirement for information is 5 sentences (or 1 paragraph) regarding the YouTube channel, the person running it, and/or anything else you can think of. Pages that don't follow this format will be deleted within 24 hours. One page per musician.

Please note that we should always have pages in English. If it's not English, the page will be deleted immediately.

Please write facts, not your opinion of the channel, which will also delete the page within 24 hours regardless of how many sentences.

In order to maintain the quality standard, we encourage you to make sure your page isn't filled with incorrect spelling, grammar or punctuation. You may take sites like thepunctuationguide as a reference.

If needed, you may use reference links to prove that the information added to the page is trustworthy. This is in place to minimize edit warrants, which are a wiki offense.

Do not insert birthdays you find on They have been known to give out false information.


Both rude behavior and hate speech will NOT be tolerated under any circumstance. The Best Music Wiki is both an informative and safe place for users and musicians alike – and measures to prevent such a place will result in a very lengthy block or banned indefinitely.

What is hate speech? Hate speech is NOT stating that you dislike a musician or critiquing their work or any other comment without a positive connotation – but is any speech or display that attacks, threatens, or insults a person or group.

Rude behavior is a much simpler topic – be kind to others while using FANDOM. This includes limiting curse/mature words. People of all ages listen to music, and as such, people of all ages are permitted to view the Best Wiki. Comments considered creepy (such as saying "I know where this musician lives!" or "I have their Skype if you want it" are an invasion of a musician's privacy and also should not be left on an article, or in the comments).

Depending on the comment considered "rude", users will be given a warning from an admin to a block. This will up to the admin's discretion.


If you are found adding spam, unwanted, or untrue statements on a user page (unless you have 100% proof to back it up), you might be given a warning or possibly blocked on the spot it depends on the situation. If you do get a warning and it happens again you will be blocked from the Best Music Wiki. It will be up to the admin for how long you will be blocked.

Blocked vs Banned

Being blocked and being banned are two different things.

If you are blocked, that means that you can come back on the Best Music Wiki after a certain amount of time.

If you are banned, that means you are not allowed to edit on the Best Music Wiki anymore and your username will receive a ban of infinite duration. If you have been blocked more than three times on the Best Music Wiki, you will be banned.


When adding a video to this wiki, please remember to add it to the appropriate page. If it is seen that you are just adding videos without adding them to their respective pages you will receive a warning, then if continued, you will be blocked.

Nudity/Sexual Explicit Content

Nudity or otherwise sexually explicit content should not be uploaded onto the site.

Further, articles on the Best Music Wiki should not revolve around a channel that purely exists for sexual explicit/pornographic purposes and holds no history on YouTube as a creator. If the YouTube channel is sexual in nature but involves a YouTube personality that has engaged in history revolving around a YouTube community or YouTube itself in which an archive of the event would be necessary and informative, an exception can be made.

This does not include YouTube personalities who are provocative in nature, however, please refrain from uploading images of said personality that are too revealing. In-case they are deemed too inappropriate, they will be deleted.


At this current time, the only bot accounts that can be used on this wiki are ones that are official and have been marked by Fandom staff as a bot account. In addition, the only people who can run official bot accounts are bureaucrats. Any user editing using the bot feature on there account will be given a warning at first, then blocked other times if used again. Using the bot feature on a non bot account makes it seem like you have more edits then you really do.

Edit Warrant

An edit warrant is where 2 users undo each of their edits in one page due to a disagreement between each other. If you are in a situation where you are edit warring with someone, please message them on their message wall or the live chat. Explain your reasoning as to why your edit should be published with research to back-up your reasoning. If the edit warrant continues after discussing, please contact an Admin or Moderator. If you are the user with incorrect information, or your edits were not published, please do not harass or get frustrated with the people that were involved. This can result in getting blocked or banned if continued. You can also get blocked after continuing the edit warrant that was already concluded.


Vandalism is a common problem inside FANDOM and, of course, on the Best Music Wiki. If you are caught vandalizing a page on the Best Music Wiki and depending on how strong your vandalism was, you will be blocked between 1 week or up to an indefinite ban. This can also result in getting blocked across FANDOM, meaning you cannot edit on any wiki inside FANDOM.

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