Daddy Yankee is a Puerto Rican-American singer, songwriter, rapper, actor and record producer. He coined the word "reggaeton" in 1994 to describe the new music genre that was emerging from Puerto Rico that synthesized hip-hop, latin Caribbean music, and reggae rhythms with Spanish rapping and singing. He's also known as the "King of Reggaetón".

Why He Used To Rock

  1. He used to be a great lyricist.
  2. He collaborated with artists such as Snoop Dogg.
  3. His flow used to be aggressive.
  4. His production used to be sentimental and great.
  5. He had a lot of well received albums and singles.
  6. His lyrics were not vulgar matter or overly cheesy back then.
  7. His songs sounded different back then.
  8. He did not overuse autotune to the point where he sounds nasal back then.
  9. He, along with Luis Fonsi, donated $1 million dollars from his song Despacito to Puerto Ricans after Hurricane Maria destroyed the state.
  10. He was one, if not the best reggaeton artists.

Bad Quality

  1. Despite all the good qualities, his music has dropped in quality over the years and has earned a page on Horrible Music and Songs Wiki. To view the article, click here.
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