Kat McSnatch is an Australian-born songwriter, singer and comedian.

Why She and Her Songs Rock

  1. She knows how to put dark humor in her song lyrics, and do it right.
  2. Her songs are the perfect anthems to send to the most hateful people in your lives.
  3. Has made a lot of catchy, yet hilarious songs, such as "You Are A Cunt" (her most famous song), "I Don't Like You", "About Your Life", "Fuck You", etc.
  4. Her beautiful singing voice, helping by the fact that she almost never relies on AutoTune.
  5. She is also anti-racist, as shown in her song "Don't Be A Racist", despite it making her a hypocrite, which she is aware of.
  6. She is also very nice, as she frequently replies to comments in her videos in a nice way.
  7. Her Twitter posts are also very hilarious to read.
  8. She has collaborated with other great artists such as Moe Keys.
  9. Her song "Daydream" is a great song about work.
  10. She even knows how to play the kazoo.

Bad Qualities

  1. Her songs are not for the easily offended.
  2. The kazoo in her song "If You Don't Shut Up" is pretty annoying to some.
  3. Her music videos are poorly made using MS Paint, and look like they're made in Google Drawings, though they do tell good stories.
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