The Beatles were an English rock band. They became very popular in the United Kingdom, the United States, and then in the whole world.

This period (1964-1970) is known as the "Beatlemania". After their separation in 1970, their members went on successful solo careers.

Band Members

Principal Members

  • John Lennon – vocals, rhythm and lead guitar, keyboards, harmonica, bass guitar (1960–1969)
  • Paul McCartney – vocals, bass guitar, rhythm and lead guitar, keyboards, drums (1960–1970)
  • George Harrison – lead and rhythm guitar, vocals, sitar, keyboards, bass guitar (1960–1970)
  • Ringo Starr – drums, percussion, vocals (1962–1970).

Early members

  • Pete Best – drums, vocals (1960–1962).
  • Stuart Sutcliffe – bass guitar, vocals (1960–1961).
  • Chas Newby – bass guitar (1960–1961).
  • Norman Chapman – drums (1960).
  • Tommy Moore – drums (1960).

Touring musician

  • Jimmie Nicol – drums (1964).

Why They and Their Music Rocked

  1. Many of their songs are catchy.
  2. The band is iconic.
  4. Their songs were of different musical genres: from psychedelic rock to rock and roll.
  5. The song "Helter Skelter" is considered to be the first heavy metal song in history.
  6. George Harrison was a great guitarist. Aside, Ringo Starr is considered one of the best drummers.
  7. They are the best-selling band in history.
  8. Some of their songs like "Yellow Submarine", "Let It Be" and "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" are considered musical classics.
  9. They started the "British Invasion", after the Infamous Assassination of JFK.
  10. They influenced countless artists.
  11. Their solo careers were also good.
  12. "She Loves You" was a very influential song with a big impact.
  13. They has great movies such as A Hard Day's Night, Help! and Yellow Submarine.
  14. After the infamous band Break-up, they decided to go on successful solo careers.
  15. George Harrison staged two concerts in NYC to help victims of floods, famine and war in Bangladesh.

Bad Qualities

  1. Yellow Submarine got mixed reviews.
  2. John Lennon as a person preaches about peace and love in his songs, yet supported the IRA without knowing what the IRA is. Not only that but he was abusive to his ex-wives.


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